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Thursday, 19 October 2017

[Article] THE OTHER ROOM...

The other room
Where a woman pretends
To be weak
So that a man
Can believe  he is strong
Where a woman  pretends
To be foolish
So that a man
Can say he is wise
Where a woman  stoops
So that a man can conquer.

The other room
Where gods of men
Become worshipers of women
Where leaders of thought
Become minions
Of the bleeders blood
Where wielders of power
Succumb to power.

The other room
Where the brashness  of testosterone
Yields to the bra straps  of estrogen
Where the bravado of masculinity
Is tamed by the wiles of femininity
Where the turgid
Becomes  the flaccid

Three rooms
In a house
One in which a man
Believes he is king
Two in which
He realizes
A woman  is god!


*The Other Room*

In the other room
Hardened men become beggars
The queen becomes the king too
The king, just a beggarly page

In the other room
We cry for joy
Beg to be injured
For there, we enjoy pain

In the other room
We beg to suck milkless breasts
Accept every proposal
And promise any thing

In the other room
Fate of nations are decided
Destinies of men are fixed
Death warrants are signed

The other room
What a room...